Manage User Templates

Platí pro: Windows SBS 2003

Using the Manage Templates taskpad, you can work with user templates. These templates make it easy to create user accounts by providing default properties and settings based on user type.

Task Summary

The following table describes the tasks on the Manage Templates taskpad. Some tasks are only available when a user template is selected.

Task Description

Add a Template

Starts the Add Template Wizard, enabling you to create a new user template.

Change Template Properties

Enables you to modify properties for the selected user template. Changes take effect the next time the template is used.

Remove Template

Permanently removes the selected user template. After a template is removed, it cannot be recovered.

Import Templates

Starts the Import Templates Wizard, enabling you to import user template files from another computer running Windows Small Business Server 2003.

Export Templates

Starts the Export Templates Wizard, enabling you to export user template files so that you can import them to another computer running Windows Small Business Server.

Manage Users

Opens the Manage Users taskpad.

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