Apps for Teams meetings

Meetings enable collaboration, partnership, informed communication, and shared feedback. The meeting app can deliver a user experience for each stage of the meeting lifecycle. Meeting lifecycle includes pre-meeting, in-meeting, and post-meeting app experience, depending on the attendee's status.

The users can access apps during meetings using the tab gallery from their calendar, such as:

  • Pre-stage a Kanban board.
  • Launch an in-meeting actionable dialog.
  • Create a post-meeting survey.

The following illustration gives you an idea of the meeting app extensibility features:

Meeting app extensibility

This article provides an overview of meeting app extensibility, API references, enable and configure apps for meetings, and custom Together Mode scenes in Teams.

Enhance your meeting experience by using the meeting extensibility feature. This feature enables you to integrate your apps within meetings. It also includes different stages of a meeting lifecycle, where you can integrate tabs, bots, and message extensions. You can identify various participant roles and user types, get meeting events, and generate in-meeting dialogs.

To customize Teams with apps for meetings, enable your apps for Teams meetings by updating the app manifest and also configure the apps for meeting scenarios.

The new custom Together Mode scenes feature enables users to collaborate in a meeting with their team in one place.

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