IRTDUpdateEvent IRTDUpdateEvent IRTDUpdateEvent Interface


Represents real-time data update events.

public interface class IRTDUpdateEvent
public interface IRTDUpdateEvent
Public Interface IRTDUpdateEvent


To instantiate or to return an IRTDUpdateEvent object, declare a variable as an IRTDUpdateEvent object, and then use that variable as a callback object.


HeartbeatInterval HeartbeatInterval HeartbeatInterval

Returns or sets an Integer for the interval between updates for real-time data. Read/write.


Disconnect() Disconnect() Disconnect()

Instructs the real-time data server (RTD) to disconnect from the specified IRTDUpdateEvent object.

UpdateNotify() UpdateNotify() UpdateNotify()

The real-time data (RTD) server uses this method to notify Microsoft Excel that new data has been received.

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