ListColumn ListColumn ListColumn Interface


Represents a column in a list. The ListColumn object is a member of the ListColumns collection. The ListColumns collection contains all the columns in a list (ListObject object).

public interface class ListColumn
public interface ListColumn
Public Interface ListColumn


Use the ListColumns property of the ListObject object to return a ListColumns collection.


_Default _Default _Default

Reserved for internal use.

Application Application Application

Returns an Application object that represents the Microsoft Excel application. Read-only.

Creator Creator Creator

Returns a 32-bit integer that indicates the application in which this object was created. If the object was created in Microsoft Excel, this property returns the string XCEL, which is equivalent to the hexadecimal number 5843454C. Read-only XlCreator.

DataBodyRange DataBodyRange DataBodyRange

Returns a Range object that is the size of the data portion of a column. Read-only.

Index Index Index

Returns the index number of the ListColumn object within the ListColumns collection. Read-only Integer.

ListDataFormat ListDataFormat ListDataFormat

Returns a ListDataFormat object for the ListColumn object. Read-only.

Name Name Name

Returns or sets the name of the list column. This is also used as the display name of the list column. This name must be unique within the list. Read/write String.

Parent Parent Parent

Returns the parent object for the specified object. Read-only.

Range Range Range

Returns a Range object that represents the range to which the specified list object in the above list applies. Read-Only.

SharePointFormula SharePointFormula SharePointFormula

Returns a String representing the formula in a calculated column. The formula is expressed in Excel syntax (US English locale, A1 notation). Read-only String.

Total Total Total

Returns the Total row for a ListColumn object. Read-only.

TotalsCalculation TotalsCalculation TotalsCalculation

Determines the type of calculation in the Totals row of the list column based on the value of the XlTotalsCalculation enumeration. Read/write.

XPath XPath XPath

Returns an XPath object that represents the Xpath of the element mapped to the specified Range object. Read-only.


Delete() Delete() Delete()

Deletes the column of data in the list. Does not remove the column from the sheet. If the list is linked to a Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services site, the column cannot be removed from the server and an error is generated.

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