PeerContact.Subscribe Method


Subscribes the calling peer to the PeerContact, and as a result, the peer will receive any future PeerCollaboration events associated with the PeerContact.

 virtual void Subscribe();
public virtual void Subscribe ();
abstract member Subscribe : unit -> unit
override this.Subscribe : unit -> unit
Public Overridable Sub Subscribe ()


The calling peer is not signed in to People Near Me.

The PeerContact object has been disposed.

Unable to complete Subscribe() operation. Failure may be due to an inability to establish a TCP connection to the peer.


PeerContact updates occur asynchronously after the Subscribe method has succeeded. As a result, it is possible for a PeerEndPoint to be added to the collection of a PeerContact before the associated Name is provided.

To monitor these changes, it is recommended that the user subscribe to the relevant events; for example, NameChanged.

Calling this method requires a PermissionState of Unrestricted. This state is created when the peer collaboration session begins.

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