FontStretches FontStretches FontStretches FontStretches Class


Provides a set of static predefined FontStretch values.

public ref class FontStretches abstract sealed
public static class FontStretches
type FontStretches = class
Public Class FontStretches


A font stretch describes the degree to which a font form is stretched from its normal aspect ratio, which is the original width to height ratio specified for the glyphs in the font.

The FontStretches values correspond to the usWidthClass definition in the OpenType specification. The usWidthClass represents an integer value between 1 and 9. Lower numeric values indicate narrower widths; higher values indicate wider widths.

Font stretch usWidthClass % of normal
UltraCondensed 1 50%
ExtraCondensed 2 62.5%
Condensed 3 75%
SemiCondensed 4 87.5%
Normal 5 100%
Medium 5 100%
SemiExpanded 6 112.5%
Expanded 7 125%
ExtraExpanded 8 150%
UltraExpanded 9 200%

For more information on the OpenType usWidthClass value, see the usWidthClass section of the OpenType specification.


Condensed Condensed Condensed Condensed

Specifies a condensed FontStretch.

Expanded Expanded Expanded Expanded

Specifies an expanded FontStretch.

ExtraCondensed ExtraCondensed ExtraCondensed ExtraCondensed

Specifies an extra-condensed FontStretch.

ExtraExpanded ExtraExpanded ExtraExpanded ExtraExpanded

Specifies an extra-expanded FontStretch.

Medium Medium Medium Medium

Specifies a medium FontStretch.

Normal Normal Normal Normal

Specifies a normal FontStretch.

SemiCondensed SemiCondensed SemiCondensed SemiCondensed

Specifies a semi-condensed FontStretch.

SemiExpanded SemiExpanded SemiExpanded SemiExpanded

Specifies a semi-expanded FontStretch.

UltraCondensed UltraCondensed UltraCondensed UltraCondensed

Specifies an ultra-condensed FontStretch.

UltraExpanded UltraExpanded UltraExpanded UltraExpanded

Specifies an ultra-expanded FontStretch.

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