ATA event ID reference

Applies to: Advanced Threat Analytics version 1.9

The ATA Center event viewer logs events for ATA. This article provides a list of event IDs and provides a description of each.

The events can be found here:

event ID location

ATA health events

Monitoring event ID Monitoring alert name
1001 Center running out of disk space
1003 Center overloaded
1004 Center certificate about to expire / Center certificate expired
1005 MongoDB is down
1006 Read-only user password to expire shortly / Read-only user password expired
1007 Domain synchronizer not assigned
1008 Some or All of the capture network adapters on a Gateway are not available
1009 A capture network adapter on a Gateway no longer exists
1010 Some domain controllers are unreachable by a Gateway / All domain controllers are unreachable by a Gateway
1011 Gateway stopped communicating
1012 Some forwarded events are not being analyzed
1013 Some network traffic is not being analyzed
1014 Failure sending mail
1015 Failure connecting to the SIEM server using Syslog
1016 Gateway version outdated
1017 No traffic received from domain controller
1018 Gateway service failed to start
1019 Lightweight Gateway reached a memory resource limit
1020 Gateway is not processing Radius events
1021 Gateway is not processing Syslog events
1022 Geolocation service is unavailable

ATA security alert events

Alert names Alert Event IDs
2001 Suspicion of identity theft based on abnormal behavior
2002 Unusual protocol implementation
2003 Reconnaissance using account enumeration
2004 Brute force attack using LDAP simple bind
2006 Malicious replication of Directory Services
2007 Reconnaissance using DNS
2008 Encryption downgrade activity
2009 Encryption downgrade activity (potential golden ticket)
2010 Encryption downgrade activity (potential overpass-the-hash)
2011 Encryption downgrade activity (potential skeleton key)
2012 Reconnaissance using SMB session enumeration
2013 Privilege escalation using forged authorization data
2014 Honeytoken activity
2016 Massive object deletion
2017 Identity theft using Pass-the-Hash attack
2018 Identity theft using Pass-the-Ticket attack
2019 Remote execution attempt detected
2020 Malicious data protection private information request
2021 Reconnaissance using Directory Services queries
2022 Kerberos Golden Ticket activity
2023 Suspicious authentication failures
2024 Abnormal modification of sensitive groups
2026 Suspicious service creation

ATA auditing events

Alert names Alert Event IDs
3001 Change to ATA configuration
3002 ATA Gateway added
3003 ATA Gateway deleted
3004 ATA license activated
3005 Log in to ATA console
3006 Manual change to health activity status
3007 Manual change to suspicious activity status

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