Page Feeds

Page feeds allow you to easily upload all the relevant URLs for your dynamic search ads campaigns. This ensures maximum website coverage and enables the labeling and targeting of specific URLs via custom labels.


This feature is currently available in Canada, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Why use page feeds?

  • Improve page freshness: Each time a feed is uploaded, the pages in the feed automatically recrawled, so if the pages aren't already in the Bing index of your website, they'll be added. This allows your dynamic search ad campaigns to display the most current version of your website.
  • Fine-tune auto-targets and ad copy: You have full control over what pages are included in an auto-target and as a result, can be more descriptive in your ad copy to drive further engagement.

You can have 100 feeds per account (this maximum number includes all feed types) and the maximum number of feed items (rows) per account is 5 million.


Feeds and feed items can only be created, retreived, updated, and deleted using the Bulk service. You can link page feed identifiers with dynamic search ads campaigns using either the Bulk or Campaign Management service. You can also manage ads and auto targets using either the Bulk or Campaign Management service.


For code examples please see the C#, Java, and Python repositories on GitHub i.e., the Bulk Dynamic Search Ads example shows how to create and use a page feed.

Upload page feeds

You can upload page feeds and feed items with the Bulk service.

  • The Feed record defines the name and data type of attributes that are allowed for the corresponding feed items.
  • The Feed Item record defines additional information about your products or services and under what conditions that information should be inserted into your ads. The Microsoft Advertising system attributes define under what conditions each feed item should be inserted into your ads, whereas the custom attributes define what information about your products or services you want to insert into your ads. Your page feed items can be referenced from all ads in your Microsoft Advertising account by default.


The Feed and Feed Item record types are used for both ad customizer feeds and page feeds. When you download feeds and feed items, be sure to check the "Sub Type" column to find out whether the data is applicable for an ad customizer feed or page feed.

For page feeds you can use attributes named "Page Url" and "Custom Label".

Attribute Name Attribute Data Type Description
Page Url Url Contains the URLs of your website to include in the feed.

You must include exactly one page URL per feed item.
Custom Label StringList Labels that allow you to group the URLs within the feed.

You can include between one to ten custom labels per feed item.

You might visualize the feed column names and field values in a table:

Page Url (Url) Custom Label (StringList) Label_1_3001 Label_2_3001

You could upload the page feed and feed items via the Bulk API as follows:

Type,Status,Id,Parent Id,Sub Type,Campaign,Ad Group,Client Id,Modified Time,Start Date,End Date,Device Preference,Keyword,Match Type,Target,Physical Intent,Name,Ad Schedule,Audience Id,Feed Name,Custom Attributes
Format Version,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,6,,,,
Feed,Active,-20,,PageFeed,,,PageFeedClientIdGoesHere,,,,,,,,,,,,MyPageFeedName,"[{""name"":""Page Url"",""feedAttributeType"":""Url"",""isPartOfKey"":true},{""name"":""Custom Label"",""feedAttributeType"":""StringList""}]"
Feed Item,Active,-200,-20,,,,20;200,,2019/06/22 00:00:00,2019/06/30 00:00:00,,,,,,,,,,"{""Page Url"":"""",""Custom Label"":[""Label_1_3001"",""Label_2_3001""]}"

Associate a page feed

Page feeds can be associated at the campaign level, which also applies to all the ad groups within the campaign.

You can optionally set each campaign's page feed targeting source via the Bulk API Source or Campaign Management API Source. You can choose one of the following options:

Value Description
AdvertiserSuppliedUrls Use URLs from my page feed only. Only URLs specified in the feed file will be served from this campaign. Please note that if you choose this option and page feeds IDs are not set, then the campaign will not serve dynamic search ads. We recommend using this option for highly specific campaigns with tailored ad copy.
All Use URLs from both Bing's index of my website and my page feed. Pages from both sources will be used but URLs within the feed file will be given priority.
SystemIndex Use Bing's index of my website. This is the default behavior of dynamic search ad campaigns on Bing.

If the source is either AdvertiserSuppliedUrls or All, then Microsoft Advertising uses the page feed identifiers that are linked to the campaign via the Bulk API Page Feed Ids or Campaign Management API PageFeedIds.

Create custom label auto targets

To create a custom label auto target via the Bulk service, you can upload an Ad Group Dynamic Search Ad Target record. For example, set the Dynamic Ad Target Condition 1 field to "CustomLabel" and set the Dynamic Ad Target Value 1 field to the value of one of the page feed item custom labels e.g., "Label_1_3001".

To create a custom label auto target via the Campaign Management service, you can add a BiddableAdGroupCriterion that contains a Webpage criterion via the AddAdGroupCriterions operation. For example, set the Operand element to "CustomLabel" and set the Argument element to the value of one of the page feed item custom labels e.g., "Label_1_3001".

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