Why are crash reports not visible after a few minutes?

If your app crashes on startup, the SDK won't be able to send any crash reports. This limitation applies to any third party crash reporting service.

For Breakpad, iOS, macOS, and UWP apps, crash reports are only visible if they are symbolicated (or if you mark the required symbols as ignored). For that to happen, the proper symbols must be uploaded to App Center. Learn more about symbolication and how to find and upload your symbols in the following guides:

How can I see deobfuscated stack traces?

To see deobfuscated stack traces for ProGuard enabled Android apps, follow the instructions in App Center's ProGuard documentation to upload mapping files for your app.

How does App Center parse your .zip file?

App Center first looks for dsym directories at any level, then it looks for a source map by the title of If file does not exist, it uses the first .map it finds.

I know I updated my symbols for the right executable of my app in the store, but the crash reports are still unreadable.

This is because App Center Crash Reporting doesn't support bitcode yet. See the guide on how to disable bitcode to learn more and fix that issue.

Why are all of my errors/crashes showing as affecting 100% of my users?

This is usually caused by enabling the App Center crashes module without also enabling the analytics module. The analytics module keeps track of user sessions and without that data App Center can't determine how many overall users there are for the application.

What are the time period limitations to send a log to App Center?

The App Center backend will only accept logs that are no more than 25 days in the past or 3 days in the future.