Publish an iOS package to TestFlight (Internal Testers)

  1. From the Stores home page, select “App Store Connect users”.
  2. Click Publish to TestFlight in the upper-right corner.
  3. At the first step of the wizard, you must upload you .ipa file. After the file has been successfully uploaded, you'll see details, like icon and version. Click Next.
  4. Enter release notes. Only plain text is supported and release notes must be longer than 10 characters. Select Next.
  5. Click Publish. The status for this release on the store details page will show as Submitted. Submitted means that the .ipa has been delivered to App Store Connect for evaluation.
  6. Once App Center has completed the hand-over of the app to App Store Connect, the status of the app changes to Published, and the app is available to download through Apple's TestFlight service.
  7. If a failure occurs with publishing by Apple, the status will change to Failed with the appropriate error message.