Product Roadmap

The list below presents the tentative roadmap for App Center for the next 3-6 months.


  • Apps & data from HockeyApp visible in App Center
  • Apps & data from Xamarin Test Cloud visible in App Center
  • macOS and tvOS support for some services


  • Universal Windows Platform (UWP) SDK support for Crashes service.
  • macOS and tvOS SDK support.
  • Full CLI support for all App Center services to enable automation.

Build service

  • Support for customizing your build definitions: secret variables.
  • Support to build macOS apps.

Test service

  • Preview support for testing of UWP apps.
  • iPhone X support.

Distribution service

  • Re-release builds. You will be able to select a release, and re-release it to an additional distribution group, without needing to download or re-upload the binary package.
  • Support for release to Apple Store and Testflight. You can create new stores that target release to the production Apple Store or beta TestFlight service.
  • Support for release to Windows Store. You can create new stores that target release to the production Windows Store.
  • Native Apps. You will be able to view and install apps via a dedicated native app experience.
  • Automatic iOS device provisioning.

CodePush service

  • Dashboard support for Apache Cordova.

Crashes service

  • Handled exceptions.

Analytics service

  • macOS and tvOS app support.
  • Closer integration with Distribution to surface download, crash and session counts within Distribution groups and releases.

Push service

  • macOS app support.