Does this make me a Cabana Boy?

[Update - fixed the DDLS link and added Cabana session titles for all sponsors]

[Update 2 - changed Object Consulting's Session Title]

Yesterday I posted that all the Developer Cabana Sessions were completely booked at TechEd less than 12 hours after they had been made available on CommNet. I pinged all of the cabana speakers and they've agreed to do repeats of all the cabana sessions. These are now available for booking, so if you missed out last time, I suggest you get in quickly now.

In addition to this, I've just found out that Sparx Systems are a late signing as Developer Tools sponsors at TechEd (and will therefore be presenting a cabana session currently entitled "Using Sparx Tools with Visual Studio Team System"). For completeness, here's the list of Dev Tools sponsors - all of whom are presenting cabana sessions:

Compuware (TechEd Silver Sponsor) - "Integrating Compuware with VSTS"

Readify - "How Readify deployed TFS in the cloud"

Object Consulting - "Injecting process into the heart of VSTS"

SQL Tools - "Enhancing SQL Server Management"

Dimension Data - "SQL Server 2005 Encryption Architecture"

Sparx Systems - "Using Sparx Tools with Visual Studio Team System"