Let's Help him -- Wanting to blog around the world?

When I was a Developer Evangelist we started this idea called: ".NET Bring your family." I thought it was a pretty good idea...until now. :)  The idea was simple technologist come to learn about technology (i.e. .NET), spouces come to learn about Office and Vista and the children come to learn about .NET Robotics studio and XNA learn more here

The idea has taken off by itself and I just got an email from the University of Montana that one of the kids has started a blog project who came to the .NET event and learned about .NET Robotics studio. This time his science project is to get as many hits as he can from around the world.

Come on help him out, go to his blog site and help him get hits! you can find him here: http://aroundtheworldscience.blogspot.com/