Great start to a week...

This is just bogus - how could any team let Drew Brees go? What is wrong with the Chargers? I've finally come around to liking them and Schottenheimer, and now they let Brees test the free agency waters.

I like Philip Rivers, I think he's a fantastic quarterback, and will do really well. He has the mobility, the agility, and the arm.... He's learned everything possible from Brees. But, what makes the Chargers believe that they have a better shot at winning with Rivers? Seriously? The guy has played VERY little (Brees let him kneel a few times). He is really inexperienced. Why reset and go back to square one? They've drafted some excellent players, and except for a few bumps along the way, they gelled pretty well, and played well together as a team.

The Chargers are starting to sound like a ruthless organization. And while I really think that, that's the way they should be as an NFL franchise, it really doesn't bode well for the players. When they signed AJ Feeley last year as backup QB, it was pretty obvious that Rivers was gonna get axed. But when Brees hurt himself during the last game of the season, it became a different story.

Arghhhh... Just when I was starting to take to some California team, this had to happen. But, if you're reading, Drew (and I know you are), wherever you go, just please continue wearing number 9.

Oh, and please consider signing on with the Raiders. I hear they maybe looking for a QB. Finally I can start rooting for them (again). And you know who else is in Oakland; that's right, Stuart Schweigert. And he doesn't wear #9 anymore :)