my TIME POY, 2006, volume 2 of 3

Watch this video, and tell me why Boise State's Chris Petersen shouldn't be (my) TIME POY 2006. This is one of those videos that will make the hair on your hands and neck rise.

Fine,technically, they made their mark in 2007 since they played the Fiesta Bowl in '07. But kudos to Petersen and gang for going undefeated in 2007. Petersen's agreed to stay on and coach at Boise State for a while longer. But if he ever makes his way over to the NFL (and he will), he will change football.

Now playing in my head : 'Shadow' by 'The Southland'

PS: Man do I miss playing team sports. Because of my travel schedule, I haven't played a team sport in, like, forever.

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