How Windows Installer interacts with UAC in Windows Vista

Robert Flaming has been posting a series of articles describing how Windows Installer interacts with the User Account Control (UAC) feature that is being introduced in Windows Vista. These articles contain information not included in the Windows Installer SDK topics related to UAC. So far, he has published 20 articles (linked individually below). I highly encourage any setup developer who plans to build MSIs that target Windows Vista to read this series, and to check in on Robert's blog for possible future updates regarding Windows Installer and UAC.

Introductory topics

  1. ...the UAC in MSI Notes series
  2. view of the root problem
  3. ...the conflicting per-user definition
  4.'ll be just like Managed Installs
  5. ...the jagged edge to user
  6. relief providing framework

Architecture insights

  1. The "Saw Tooth" Diagram
  2. Credential Prompt and Permissions

Common MSI package authoring mistakes

  1. The AdminUser Mistake
  2. Modify System with InstallUISequence Custom Action
  3. Modify System with InstallExecuteSequence Custom Action Outside of Script
  4. The NoImpersonate Bit Mistake

More architectural insights

  1. The "Four Square" Diagram
  2. Challenges for a Beautiful Custom Action
  3. O Whitepaper, Where Art Thou?
  4. Read the Friendly Manual

Conversations with customers

  1. Should I write my installer as a Standard User install? If yes, how?
  2. When General Custom Action Mitigation Fails
  3. How do I get the shield on the advertised shortcut?
  4. How do I troubleshoot UAC in MSI via log files?