Most popular templates in 2008

So we've seen which how-to articles were the most popular this year, but what about templates? I'm a big fan of the free Office Online templates and regularly try to point out some of the hidden gems contained on the website, so I was really interested to see which templates have been downloaded the most over the year...

1. Fax cover sheet (Professional design)

2. Technology business brochure (2-pg, 11 x 17)

3. Memo (professional theme)

4. PTA agenda

5. Chronological CV (minimalist theme)

Then there were a couple of other examples in the top 20 that stood out... ranging from a 2008 event schedule planner (here's the 2009 version) to a checklist for your ideal dog.

Stay tuned for the most popular training courses from 2008...

Happy new year!