From Cloud Cottage to Cloud Castle - renovations and extensions


At launch, the Cloud Performance Competencies represented a significant shift in the way Microsoft rewarded the success of top performing cloud partners. Available at Silver for no cost, Gold at a reduced fee, with proven cloud performance as the primary eligibility requirement and jam packed with exclusive benefits - they provided partners with all the materials needed to construct an impressive (and profitable) Castillo de la nube.

The good news? Cloud Performance Competencies aren't going anywhere.

The great news? Not only have we improved some existing favourites, we've introduced a brand spanking new Competency for Enterprise Mobility Suite specialists, as well as streamlining Competency requirements for all partners.


MPN101 02.10

Cloud Performance Competency Updates

The Small & Midmarket Cloud Solutions Competency

  • Performance requirements at both the Silver and Gold levels have been reduced, allowing more partners to access the benefits they need to succeed

The Cloud Productivity Competency

  • Driving active usage amongst your customers opens new opportunities for increased services revenue - in recognition, we've shifted the performance requirements from Assigned Seats to Active Users. We've also made this Competency more accessible to partners with Skype for Business and SharePoint capabilities

The Cloud Platform Competency

  • Much to the delight of your customers, the cost of Azure has decreased over time - as such, we've lowered the consumption requirements at the Silver level

New Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) Competency

The Enterprise Mobility Management Competency

  • Designed to recognise and reward partners that deploy active seats of EMS - the long awaited Enterprise Mobility Management Competency is finally here!


Streamlined Competency Requirements

"Unique" Gold Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) requirement retired + Sales / Presales assessments now optional


So what are you waiting for? Time to get started on the guest house!


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