Why aren't you on Office 365 yet?


For most canines, the term "eating your own dogfood" is often followed by salivation and the wagging of tails. Human responses aren’t normally quite so Pavlovian

But what if your dog food was more Wagyu Beef Tataki and less tinned-gelatinous-meat-substitute?

What if your Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) membership included dog food for not just you, but your whole team, your whole organisation?

(And what if "eating your own dogfood" meant; to use the technology you sell, deploy, develop for and deliver solutions on internally?)

If you're an Action Pack or (Silver / Gold) Competency member your membership includes Internal Use Rights (IUR) licences to run your business on the latest technology. So if you're not already on Office 365 (or any of the other Action Pack and Competency software entitlements) - my question to you is, why not? What have you got against Wagyu?

  Why IUR Scenarios


Aside from the efficiencies earned through running your business on the latest technology - be it a reduction in CAPEX / OPEX, the ability for internal dev and test or productivity gains for staff, Microsoft research has also shown that Partners who utilise their IUR sell approximately 3x larger deals than those who don’t. Concerned about your internal deployment? We’ve got you covered there too!

  O365 IUR


All Action Pack and Competency Partners are eligible for Office 365 IUR.

- Action Pack Partners that have sold at least 25 seats of Office 365 within the past twelve months can double their entitlement to ten seats.

- Competency Partners with the Small & Midmarket Cloud Solutions and/or Cloud Productivity Competencies are eligible for incremental seats in addition to the Core. Eg. A Silver Partner with both Small & Midmarket Cloud Solutions and Cloud Productivity will be eligible for the "core" 25 seat Silver entitlement, plus the 10 and 25 seat incremental entitlement from their competencies = 60 seats in total.

- Learn more about the Small & Midmarket Cloud Solutions, Cloud Productivity, Cloud Platform and Cloud Customer Relationship Management Competencies here (TIP: we've waived the Silver membership fee for all four. Offer expires June 30, 2015).

 Partners have a wealth of options when it comes to support. IUR deployment is no different.

To get started, I recommend reviewing this easy how to guide, if your deployment is a little more tricky (or you'd like to take advantage of the FREE SkyKick for IUR offer, read on!

 - SkyKick for IUR

  • As announced earlier this month, all Action Pack and Competency partners now have no-cost access to SkyKick’s Migration Suite (up to 500 seats), making your migration a breeze. Get started

- Advisory Hours

  • Action Pack Partners (after your first cloud sale) and all Competency Partners are eligible for Advisory Hours. Leverage the assistance of expert Microsoft Consultants and leave no stone unturned when planning and deploying your IUR. Submit a ticket online, email apacpts@microsoft.com or call 13 16 30 (Options 2,2)

- Partner Support Community

- Regional Service Centre

  • Along with the Partner Support Community, the Regional Service Centre is the place to go for all Microsoft Partner Network support enquiries. Especially useful if you're experiencing difficulty accessing your benefits, attaining/renewing a competency or your incremental Action Pack or Competency seats are not visible. Call 13 20 58 (Options 2,4,1)


So what are you waiting for? Let's eat!



Looking to develop a cloud practice? Sign up for Cloud Champions 2.

Join the discussion in the Microsoft Australia Small Business Reseller LinkedIn Group or the Microsoft Australia MPN Yammer Community.

Need Support? Contact the Regional Service Centre on 13 20 58, Options 2,4,1 (Australian partners only) or visit the Partner Support Community.