It's a Logical Update! The new Logic Apps Preview Refresh!

No, we're not talking Spocks!


We are of course celebrating another update for Logic Apps, which has several gems to make life a lot easier, when connecting it all together!


First, let me point you to the announcement by Jeff Hollan, Logic Apps Preview Refresh released    <--- read it, comment!!


This is great news for anyone trying to set up an authenticated route to another service or protocol.

The work involved before was a lot of overhead and messing around to a deployment and solution.

But as usual, the Logic Apps team have listened to the community and behold, shiny new Logic App'ness!


Jeff also goes into more technical detail in this recent blog post: Deploying in the Logic Apps Preview Refresh


Now, let's just take a moment, just to ogle for a while ,  at the long list of connectors already available...


Full list and so much more... here .


This latest update also bought an updated designer experience too.

Making it effortless to build your logic app. Very much appreciated!

Sample workflow


Lastly, but by no means least, we get Native Webhook support for Logic Apps!

Integrating services example

(I'm pinching Jeff's blog pictures here, I'm sure he won't mind)

This has nicely opened up the game for Log Apps, allowing them to join the busy inter-protocol chatter that is growing amongst our beloved Things!


Thanks for reading!

Thanks to Jeff and all the Logic Apps team!


Pete Laker (Azure MVP)
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