SharePoint AcademyLive Recommended Readings

This won't mean too much for those of you who aren't attending the AcademyLive courses, but here are some recommended readings on two topics we were discussiong today - Security & Information Architecture.

Recommended Readings on Security:

· Server Communication table, general IT Pro topics -

· AAMs – anything by Troy Starr on

· Kerberos config for SharePoint –

· Steve Peschka’s FBA opus (part 1 of 3) -

· SSL and Host Headers for IIS:

· Adding SSL & Kerberos to Central Admin –

Recommended Readings on Information Architecture:

· Information Architecture - General

o Information Architecture for the World Wide Web by Rosenfeld & Morville

o Unlocking Knowledge Assets by Conway & Sligar


· Information Architecture – SharePoint

o MOSS Administrator’s Companion, Ch. 8

o SharePoint Products & Technologies Resource Kit, Ch. 8

o Implementing SharePoint Governance - see link on (find "the pyramid" here)

o SharePoint Products & Technologies Customization Policy – see link on

Recommended Resource for Features & Solutions:

· WSPBuilder - not a panacea for deployment headaches, but close -

Recommended Readings/Resources for Backup/Recovery/DR:

Recommended Readings/Rsources for Search:

Recommended Readings on Customization: