About Brian Groth

For the time being, I will be using my MSDN blog as a sort of landing page about me. So to learn more about me, please see:

  1. The Live in Europe blog for topics about my current role as the product manager for Windows Live in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.
  2. My miscellaneous business, marketing, and leadership articles.
  3. My resumé/CV, which is a little out of date, but not too bad then follow it up with the reasons why I work at Microsoft.
  4. My personal blog, which is mostly about living in London, various adventures, and of course my dog Milo.
  5. My "official" biography that I happily share with press and analysts follows:

Brian Groth

Product Manager, Windows Live Services, EMEA

Brian Groth, is the product manager for Windows Live, in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Windows Live is Microsoft’s set of online services aimed at consumers. Designed to keep consumers informed, connected and protected it includes the world’s most popular instant messaging service, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Hotmail, the world’s most popular free web mail and Windows Live Spaces, Microsoft’s popular blogging service.

In this role, Brian is responsible for bringing new products and services to market, growing the user base across EMEA and growing the time consumers spend online using the Windows Live set of services. He is also responsible for expanding the Windows Live audience into new areas and services such as Windows Live Mobile, which provides all the Windows Live communications services on mobile phones and Live Search, Microsoft’s search engine.

A seasoned Microsoft employee, Groth has been with the company for 13 years. Prior to this role he was based in Microsoft’s Seattle headquarters working as Business Manager for Windows Live. Groth began his career at Microsoft in 1994 as a Support Engineer and since then has held a number of positions including Group Program Manager at Microsoft’s Redmond Technology Centre and then Business Manager for the World-Wide Microsoft Technology Centre.

Groth is based in London and in his spare time, enjoys hiking, snow sports and playing with his dog.