Learn More about "The Cloud" at PDC2008

In case you haven't been to the PDC site recently we just announced two symposia that are are included in PDC2008. The following one might be of interest to you. :-)

Symposium Title: Head in the Cloud, Feet on the Ground – A Practical Look at Architectural Challenges and Opportunities with Identity, Management, Data and Interoperability in the Cloud

Symposium Abstract: A lot of new technologies are presented at PDC2008, but what are the tradeoffs and how will they affect existing solutions? This symposium will help “connect the dots”. Using a rich set of scenarios, we will cover details of the architectural challenges and opportunities with embracing both local software and cloud services. We also will offer emerging best practices for overcoming challenges in key areas including Identity, Management, Data, and Interoperability.

Session 1 of 3: Expanding Applications to the Cloud

Speakers: Simon Guest, Gianpaolo Carraro

In this session, we will take an enthusiastic yet pragmatic look at the cloud opportunities. We will explore a few examples of cloud-based infrastructure usage as part of an existing application, and we will discuss the architectural tradeoffs as well as best practices resulting from that usage.

Session 2 of 3: Making Enterprise Grade Cloud Applications

Speakers: Eugenio Pace

Hosted applications today do not offer many of the features that large enterprises expect around identity, management, and data. In this session, we will walk through detailed examples of ‘enterprise grade’ hosted application design. At the end of the session, you will understand how to implement a federated identity scenario, enable remote management of your application and allow a richer control on how the data is stored.

Speakers: Gianpaolo Carraro

Bandwidth is not infinite and certainly not free, latency is bound by speed of light, and storage density is increasing. How will all this affect your architecture? In this final session, we will discuss emerging patterns that take into account the physical aspects of a cloud-based application.

Also for more information see http://blogs.msdn.com/gianpaolo/archive/2008/09/24/cloud-services-architecture-symposium.aspx.

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