Bing Product Ads Content API v2 (pilot) is now available

In September, we announced the general availability of Content API to programmatically manage product offer feeds. Now we are excited to announce the beta release of v2. Along with the great features in v1, we have added a few improvements to make v2 more nimble and adaptable. (Don't worry, we are supporting both v1 and v2)

Here are some highlights from v2:

  • Added JSON format for lighter requests and responses, XML format is still supported
  • Added, deleted, and modified a few fields to meet today’s products’ metadata
  • Simplified URIs for all HTTP requests
  • Additional help tools and code samples for onboarding, including samples for both legacy and OAuth authentication

You can find out more details on our MSDN site.

If you are interested in participating in the pilot, please reach out to your Account Manager. If you are currently not working with an Account Manager, you can alternatively email us at

We look forward to sharing v2 with you!

 Ngoc Kouzmitch
 Program Manager, Bing Product Ads