IHI Improvement Map – The Benefits


IHI’s customers are already using the tool to learn all of the best knowledge available on key process improvements in health care to improve the lives of patients.  Hospitals can easily focus on essential processes needed to achieve the highest levels of performance that matter most to patients.  Hospitals are using the Improvement Map to shape their internal quality agendas. Hospitals can now come to one place to gather all of the information necessary to determine whether an improvement initiative should be undertaken.

The Improvement Map helps hospitals:

  • Determine priorities
  • Assess progress
  • Save time
  • Improve quality

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Overwhelmingly, IHI is hearing how easy the Improvement Map is to navigate and find relevant information.  Silverlight allowed IHI to create an interface that made complex filtering seem very easy to their users.

Some additional benefits IHI is hearing from customers:

  • Adoption: Eye-catching, high end interface to introduce a new process and product
  • Stickiness: Practical ease of use to enhance the feel of the application
  • Focus: Easy to focus in on processes of interest, cutting through the chaos of other delivery vehicles
  • Relevance: Concise sub-set of all of the sets of processes easily seen in one place
  • Personalized: Quick and straightforward storing of favorites
  • Consumption: Dense information on each process – easily assimilated at a glance
  • One Stop Shopping: Consolidated ‘what next’ information for every process
  • Data Driven: Easy administration, new process creation and updates
  • Extensible Architecture: Easily extended for custom process sets
  • Sizzle: Plenty of sizzle to attract users and sustain interest

It wouldn’t be a Silverlight solution without the sizzle!

The IHI and eDefine development team found that the Entity Framework and ADO.NET Dynamic Data  saved them weeks, if not months of development time and allowed them to meet their deadline. 

“Without that, we wouldn't have been able to get it out the door in time”, Kerri Dunn, Directory of Development, IHI.

They also found that the ease with which they could integrate RSS feeds allowed them to take advantage of other content already on IHI.org and didn't require any duplicate data entry for the IHI content authors.


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