More Great Surfing Videos

In my post titled "What's this 'DataDude' thing anyway?" I talked a bit about Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals and then went off on a tangent about my favorite surfing video, Step Into Liquid. Ironically I received more emails about my tangential topic than I did my original topic! Carter offered to take me surfing the next time I'm in California (sweet!), Mike sent me a recommendation forĀ another great surfing video (Billabong Odyssey), my friend Aaron Cutlip suggested two more (Jack Johnson: The September Sessions and Riding Giants), and Grace added her favorite to the mix. Just when I was starting to make some progress against my Netflix queue now I've filled it up again with surfing movies. Oh well, I can think of worse problems to have. <g>

And now for another tangent to bring it full circle the CTP5 Refresh of DataDude is available. Surf's up!