MSDN Firestarter Events Coming Soon


[Update 8/23/2010 – Registration for the ASP.NET Web Platform Events is now open]

Starting soon and running throughout the rest of the year, our regional team will be delivering three series of “Firestarter” MSDN events along the east cost, covering client, cloud, and web development topics.  The idea behind a Firestarter is to concentrate on a particular topic and build knowledge by progressing from the basics through deeper topics over the course of the day.

The first of these series focuses on Windows Phone 7 development.  In addition, we’re combining these free daytime events with special evening Windows Phone Garages, hands-on workshops where you can get hands-on experience coding with experts on hand to help.

Windows Phone 7 Firestarter
9 AM – 5 PM

  • Introduction to Windows Phone Development and the WP7 platform
  • Building Windows Phone 7 Applications with Silverlight
  • Building Windows Phone 7 Applications using XNA
  • Lunch (included)
  • Monetizing Your Apps with Marketplace
  • Windows Phone 7 Services
  • Light Up Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone Garage
6 PM – 9 PM

This hands-on workshop will feature one-on-one proctoring from Microsoft and community experts. It's the perfect opportunity to design and implement that cool new app you've been dreaming about, so bring your ideas and get ready to code.

clip_image001Windows Phone 7 Events

If you’d like to attend both the Firestarter and Garage events, make sure you register for each separately.




Atlanta, GA August 24 Firestarterclip_image001 | Garage
Waltham, MA August 24 Firestarter | Garage
Tampa, FL August 31 Firestarter | Garage
clip_image002Ft. Lauderdale, FL September 2 Firestarter | Garage
New York, NY September 7 Firestarter | Garage
clip_image002Raleigh, NC September 8 Firestarter | Garage
clip_image002Chevy Chase, MD September 21 Firestarter | Garage
Charlotte, NC September 21 Firestarter | Garage
Philadelphia, PA September 22 Firestarter | Garage
Pittsburgh, PA September 28 Firestarter | Garage
Farmington, CT September 30 Firestarter | Garage


More Firestarters… Save the Dates!

I’d mentioned there are three series, the other two will focus on web and cloud development.  The dates and cities are confirmed, so you can plan ahead and we’ll post details when registration opens.

image_thumbASP.NET Web Platform Firestarters (Now Live)

[Update 8/23/2010 - Details on this series have now been posted.]

The focus of these events is on getting your up to speed with options for creating web applications on the ASP.NET Web Platform, from ASP.NET MVC and Web Forms, to WebMatrix, tools, and practices.




Iselin, NJ September 30 Registration
New York, NY October 26 Registration
Farmington, CT November 2 Registration
Waltham, MA November 4 Registration
Chevy Chase, MD November 9 Registration
clip_image002Malvern, PA November 16 Registration
clip_image002Tampa, FL November 30 Registration
Orlando, FL December 2 Registration
Alpharetta, GA December 9 Registration
Raleigh, NC December 10 Registration

windows-azure-logo-medWindows Azure Firestarters

These events will help you understand cloud computing, what Windows Azure offers you, and how to get right in and use the latest development options to create applications to take advantage of those benefits.




Tampa, FL November 8 coming soon
Alpharetta, GA November 10 coming soon
Charlotte, NC November 11 coming soon
clip_image002Rochester, NY November 16 coming soon
Waltham, MA November 30 coming soon
clip_image002New York, NY December 1 coming soon
clip_image002Malvern, PA December 7 coming soon
Chevy Chase, MD December 9 coming soon

n_east_roadshow_120x120_Blog Button“Great! But What About Northeast MSDN Roadshow?”

While a good number of these are in the northeast, Jim and I couldn’t imagine not hitting the road to reach other parts of the northeast, so you can bet we’re busily planning a schedule for the Northeast Roadshow to visit other cities near (or hopefully “near enough”) to you. 

Stay tuned for more!