All the topics you like in one place

2012-04-20_1212If you read this, it’s because you follow this blog for one way or another. In the spirit of simplification, we will merge our MSDN blogs in one place.

That means, that all blog posts that was done and that will be done on topics for Web developers, Mobile developers and solution developers will all be transferred to the general developer one. This will be your one-stop for all development topics going from Web, mobile, cloud and more! We’ll add soon a way for you to easily filter by the topics that interest you, but if you are like me, you’ll love to hear from all topics as even if you have an expertise, it’s critical in our jobs to know what’s happening in another sphere of the IT world.

Enjoy your read, and see you on the Developer Connection Blog. Oh, and for those of you that understand French, follow our French Developer Connection blog: there are some translations, but mostly unique topic for these readers!