Orchestrator CodePlex Integration Packs

Hello Readers/Viewers!

I realize that these posts have been few and far between lately, but all that is going to change during and after MMS 2012! (believe me, this was by design, not by laziness ;)

To get this blog rolling again, albeit slowly, I wanted to let everyone know that the post I made a couple months back about my Orchestrator CodePlex Integration Packs (here) is still valid for all versions of Orchestrator (RC and after). You see, the main changes to the IPs came between the BETA and RC releases, so subsequent releases did not require any modifications to code or version.

I have taken the time to update my CodePlex Release links to make the versioning less confusing (essentially I removed specific references to "RC" when speaking about versioning).

Here are the links to my Orchestrator CodePlex Integration Packs on the Orchestrator CodePlex Site: