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  • Deploy the Infrastructure Update for Office Project Server 2007 This article describes how to install the Infrastructure Update for Microsoft Office Project Server 2007.
  • Report Data Service optimizations for custom fields This article provides some tips and examples that can help optimize custom reporting solutions built for the Reporting Database (RDB) of Office Project Server 2007. If you are interested in building custom views or applying custom indexes on any views in the RDB, read this article for some helper stored procedures that can be used in conjunction with your solutions.
  • Project Server 2007 Infrastructure Update Release This white paper covers the new features and changes associated with the Project Client and Infrastructure Update for Microsoft Office Project 2007.
  • Back up and restore your farm (Project Server 2007) With the new Infrastructure Update, the globally unique identifier (GUID) and change log of each content database are retained when you restore or re-attach the database. Therefore, if you are reattaching a recent database version, Search does not need to perform a full crawl to integrate the reattached content database. This is a substantial improvement over the RTM release of the product.
  • Best practices for viewing proposals This article describes best practices for configuring the Proposals and Activities page in Project Web Access, including tips for obtaining best performance.

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