New SQL Reporting Services Sample Reports for Project Server

(August 20, 2009 update, check out this Second Report Pack for Project Server 2007 )  

We have released last week an updated version of our EPM 2007 demo VPC. Please find below the SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports used in that VPC.

All these SSRS reports are using the Project Server 2007 Reporting database as a data source.

Please note the Earned Value Trend reports will require a custom stored procedure (included in the attachment).

This pack includes the following reports:

Earned Value Trend 196 2008-04-10, 09_56_40 Project List 204 2008-04-10, 10_02_00
Issues   200 2008-04-10, 09_58_42 Risks 199 2008-04-10, 09_58_23
Portfolio Status 197 2008-04-10, 09_57_34 Organization Status 201 2008-04-10, 10_00_01
Project Detail 203 2008-04-10, 10_01_12 Timesheet Compliance 205 2008-04-10, 10_02_52

To deploy the Project List and Project Detail reports check the following post: Fields required to run Project List and Project Detail Reports; for the Timesheet Compliance report check this post:How to deploy the Timesheet Compliance Report