Where can I get the Microsoft Bob SDK?

My friend and colleague Karin Meier is the person I work with when putting updated speech content into the Windows SDK.

She recently blogged about some odd requests she's gotten for old software.  One of them was "where can I get the Microsoft Bob SDK?".  I've been feeling nostalgic about Bob recently, as I visited Dan Rose's exhibit on Microsoft Bob, part of Dan's 20th Century Abandonware site.

My first job at Microsoft in 1994 was working on Microsoft Bob which was code-named Utopia.  My contribution to the product was minor, but in my opinion, it never deserved the trashing it got by the industry and pundits at the time and ever since.  Someday I'll write more regarding what went right and what went wrong with Microsoft Bob.

In the meantime, and for a stroll down memory lane, check out Dan's website.