Microsoft Blogs I Read

There are a lot of Microsoft bloggers, literally thousands of them. When I first joined Microsoft I wasn't sure who to read. I've gradually built up a list based on interesting product and feature announcements and people I've met. Here they are:


  • Our Team Blog
  • IanWho's Blog. Written by a fellow dev on the profiler team, Ian has probably written the most about profiling across the team.
  • joc's bLog. Written by my bosses' boss.
  • mgoldin's blog. Written by a senior dev on my team. Find out about the difference between different types of samples etc.
  • My Code Does What?!. A relatively new blog about profiling by another fellow dev.
  • scarroll's Blog. Written by my boss.


  • bharry's WebLog. Written by a Technical Fellow (read more about this) with a huge amount of experience who has a big focus on TFS.
  • Greggm's Weblog. Written by a senior dev on the Debugger team. Has many advanced debugger tips.
  • Mark Russinovich. Mark wrote some cool Sysinternals tools and now blogs some fascinating posts about his investigation into problems he finds everyday just using his PC.
  • Rico Mariani's Performance Tidbits. Written by a senior Microsoftie who has been here for a long time. Gives tips for analyzing performance and provides guidelines to use in writing .NET code.
  • ScottGu's Blog. Find out about LINQ, ASP.NET AJAX etc. etc. This blog has many examples including screenshots and source code.
  • Somasegar's WebLog.¬†As the corporate VP of DevDiv, Soma covers a lot of Visual Studio features and other developer tools.


That's just some of the Microsoft blogs I read. Are there other 'must-reads' that I'm missing?