TFS Configuration Survey: Follow up

First, let me thank everyone who filled out the survey. With Brian and a few others spreading the word, we collected 100 responses very quickly.

Here are some follow-up thoughts and further questions based on the received data:

  1. I apologize for the survey closing after 100 responses were received. I didn't know the survey mechanic I chose had that limitation. If you weren't able to submit a response and still wish to do so, please let me know via comments or the contact link and we'll get your data (somehow).
  2. Some folks want to use SharePoint 3 but are forced to use SharePoint 2. Just to clarify - there's no technical reason you shouldn't be able to move to SharePoint 3. I'm assuming these folks meant 'forced' as in 'due to corporate IT policy' or something like that. Similarly, a few other folks didn't know you could modify TFS 2005 to use SharePoint 3. MS produced a couple whitepapers on this subject; if you're interested in modifying your Whidbey TFS this way, take a look at this blog post to get started.
  3. A few folks hesitate to modify their TFS because they wanted to be sure they were running known/tested configurations. I completely understand this sentiment. To help address those concerns, we'll work on describing the configurations we test in more detail going forward. Feel free to describe a config you're interested in and I'll tell you if (and how often) we test it or one close to it.
  4. The Web Client is very popular, and several people would like to host it on a machine other than the AT. The good news here is that with the Rosario release, setting up the web client should be easier than ever, and we at least hope to support it being off the AT (but I can't promise anything!).
  5. I didn't ask any questions about how your Build or Proxy components fit into your TFS deployment (if at all). These may deserve a separate survey, but I wanted to focus on the TFS AT and DT this time around.
  6. Several 'other' responses and comments took the form of feature requests, which is a welcome bonus to the data I was seeking. To that end:
    1. 64-bit support for the AT (including Single Server) should be in Rosario (barring some as-yet-unknown significant technical challenge).
    2. Advanced backup is something we're looking at, but I don't have any details right now.
    3. A couple folks want to know about scaling plans. I don't have a lot I can share but it's definitely an area we're looking at.
    4. Several folks want to be able to run TFS on their DC. This is a restriction we'd like to relax and we're looking at the technical challenges we'd have to overcome to support it (it has to do with identity management).

That's all for now...


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