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If you happen to read my bio, you’ll see that I’m a Public Sector guy… I’m all about building solutions for government agencies, schools, NGOs – you name it.  Being in the thick of it, I see TREMENDOUS opportunity for developers in the Public Sector space – especially with Windows Phone 7.

That said, one of my compadres was presenting to a group of developers a few weeks ago and he asked them “How many of you are building Public Sector apps?”


So he asked them why not… and the biggest reason was: no one knew what to build.  Folks who aren’t in the middle of policy and agency work… or who may not have a specific passion or interest for government, education, or other public sector areas have a hard time envisioning what citizens need.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I often come across many non-technical folks who have outstanding ideas for apps… from solutions that would be really valuable to everyone to solutions that would scratch an itch in a very narrow space.  Of course, most of them don’t have the time, skills, or desire to actually write the app… so these great ideas never become reality.

So the question is: how can we elevate these great ideas to qualified developers?

Answer: http://www.citizenphoneappideas.com/ 

This site was put together by my team to help connect great ideas to great developers… and we’re soliciting input and ideas from everyone who “needs an app for that.”

If you have a quintessential itch for a public sector phone app, a great idea that you’d like to see come to life and don’t mind sharing with the public, feel free to post them here and join the discussion.

Developers: if you’re looking for some great ideas, this is a nice one-stop shopping destination.  Also – if you're looking for more info on building Windows Phone 7 apps – check out the info available on my team’s Public Sector blog:




And don’t forget about the Public Sector Phone Apps Contest: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/publicsector/archive/2010/10/01/windows-phone-7-federal-application-contest-your-chance-to-win-an-xbox-360-slim-kinect.aspx

Finally… if you do check out www.citizenphoneappideas.com, feel free to vote up my ideas… I’m running behind in our office pool Smile



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