Wellington done - South Island - Here we come!

 Good audience, great venue - Wellington!Today the boys did their presentation to our home town of Wellington.  It went well and was generally enjoyed by everyone.  The Paramount was a fantastic venue and we had heaps of capacity so even though we  had hundreds of registrations we didn't need to close it off.

It was great to be home and catch up with lots of the local community again.  And of course we had a fantastic Wellington turn out.

One of the very cool things about being complete geeks as we travel around the country is the abundance of technology at our disposal.  One of the coolest pieces of technology in our kit is our WWAN Access point provided by the nice folk at Advanced Portable The Windows Mobile truck hits the streets of WellingtonTechnology.  This little device looks like a chrome plated WiFi access point, but it boasts some very cool features. 

It allows us to plug in a PC Card from either Telecom or Vodafone and then provide access to the Internet via WiFi.  It also supports failing over from cabled WAN to a 3G card.  We've used this in every hotel and motel and presentation so far, and its worked great - where ever we are we have WiFi and Internet access (although it is dependant on the GPRS/3G signal for bandwidth - which isn't always that great).

So here is JB on the Inter-Islander ferry with our Ferry Area Ferry area networkNetwork, and I'm blogging through it right now.

We are looking forward to Nelson tomorrow and Christchurch on Friday (you can still register).  If you run your own consulting/contracting and want to be included in our Launch marketing, let me know as we are giving independent IT people an opportunity to be quoted around the three products we are presenting on.