Available Now: Preview of Project “Orleans”

Back in July 2013, I announced on my blog “Orleans”, Windows Azure and Halo 4” that the Orleans team were opening up a small early adopter program. Thanks to a very unexpected, but very welcome post by Mary Jo Foley, we had lots of requests for access, and as a result, over the past 9 months, our team, headed by John Shewchuk have been working very closely on some interesting projects using “Orleans”.

As a result of that work, and the feedback it has provided, at Build 2014 we were pleased to announce the preview release of this actor based cloud programming model “Orleans”.  For more details, check out “Preview of Project “Orleans” – Cloud Services at Scale” by my colleague Niklas Gustafsson.


Be sure to check out the Project "Orleans" Samples. Our team along with one of the partners on the early adopter program, Two 10 Degrees,  wrote the samples, several of which are based on customer projects we were involved with. The goal was to turn them into samples so that they can be more widely shared, so people can start to explore a range of scenarios for “Orleans” and help kick start their own development.

PS – session at Build “Using Orleans to Build Halo 4’s Distributed Cloud Services in Azure” should be available to view within the next 48 hours.