Are You Thinking Way Outside The Box??

So the PDC is 20 days away, and the thunder is starting to roll.

I arrived (like most) at work today to find these signs up…

On the walkway into the Building 18 cafe:


Then where I wait for my double short latte…


And finally on the walk to where my office is…


Think Way Outside The Box… hmm, got me thinking about my own journey.

For me it started back in Australia in March, 2007, where I first thought way outside the box, about what a cloud for Microsoft could look like? (Turns out I was close… even Steve B liked the term ;))

I then moved my family and myself over to Redmond, to join a team called Cloud Services, where learning to live in a brand new place really forced Yil, Oli and myself to think way outside the box.

And now, I see these posters, the three elements, and think, what does the box look like to our customers? And how can we think way outside the box together?

More importantly, how are you going to think way outside the box!?

PDC 2008 is going to be epic. I can just tell!

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