Signing in with your Microsoft Account - Dev Eye for Azure Client VMs

Azure Client VMs for Win81 dev.  Try it, you might like it. Let's talk about how to login to your Microsoft Account on an Azure VM.

Assumedly you've setup your Azure Client VM and created a developer account to run under. You should also have added your Microsoft account as a primary sign in. (If you haven't see the resource links at the end of this post).

Once you've added your Microsoft account to your Azure Client VM, how do you sign in using it?

Open the Azure Portal and navigate to your VM
Make sure your Azure Client VM is started

The Windows Security login appears
Click Use Another Account
Enter your Microsoft account and password

You should be good to go at this point. When you login your OneDrive and Microsoft Account email should all be wired up, and you can actually purchase Windows Store apps now. Fully cloud loaded! Enjoy!


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