Application Architecture Guide 2.0

image Hey if you went to the Victoria.NET User group on Tuesday then you would have caught my Windows 7 session, you can find resources I mentioned at here, hope those that installed Win 7 on the night are enjoying and those that grabbed the DVDs have had a chance to fire it up!!

You can find resources from Tarn Barford's awesome session on Iron Python at - funny we both did our sessions on Netbooks!!

And Mahesh's session covering the Application Architecture Guide 2.0, tbh, I had lost track that version 2 was over on codeplex!!  If you've not see this guide then I highly recommend you download it from

There is great coverage of where technologies fit, from web, to services, data access, security, desktop and mobile along with recommended best practices and patterns, honestly take a break from your busy day to day busy existence and check it out, it'll be time well spent!!

Cheers Dave