Unity Game Engine Goes Free For Indie Xbox One Developers



Microsoft and Unity have reached an agreement that will open Xbox One even farther to developers using Unity. Additionally, the add-on is free for Windows Phone and Windows 8, making it easier to push out cross-platform games.

Microsoft and Unity will now be working together to bring the Xbox One deployment add-on to all developers registered with the ID@Xbox program at no cost to the developers. This is huge news and means that everyone that’s part of that program, not just partners to Microsoft Games Studios, will be able to take advantage of Unity to create awesome gaming experiences for the Xbox One. On top of this, a special Xbox One version of the Unity Pro tools are also being made available for these same developers at no cost.

The Xbox One is a powerful platform and Unity is building powerful tools to take advantage of all of the features that make it so special like the Kinect and SmartGlass. Production is well underway and is progressing faster than originally anticipated! Very early testing phases will begin soon with a broader beta program in 2014.

In the meantime take a quick trip over to Microsoft’s blog to hear more about the expanded opportunities for developers looking to make games for Xbox One.