Prism 2.0 Is Live!

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WooHoo! Prism 2.0 is done and is now live on MSDN! You can access the Prism 2.0 documentation here, and download the code from here.

Prism is a library of patterns that help you build robust, flexible and modular WPF and Silverlight applications. These patterns also support unit testing, separation of concerns, loose coupling and the ability to share application logic between Silverlight and WPF applications. The download includes the source code for the library itself, extensive documentation, a sample application that shows how the patterns work together in a real-world application, and a whole bunch of quick-starts and how-to's. There's even a snazzy Visual Studio add-in to help you easily share code between WPF and SilverlightBlaine and Adam.

The Prism team has been busy writing blogs and recording videos to get the word out...

Blaine Wastell (program manager extraordinaire for Prism) chats to Adam Kinney about Prism on Channel 9 here. He's even written a blog post on Prism here.

If you haven't had enough Blaine you can catch even more of Blaine and Bobhim here on Channel 9, alongside Bob Brumfield (one of the developers of Prism), as Ajoy Krishnamoorthy (our product manager) ponders the eternal question - What is Prism? Ajoy's post on the release is here and Bob's is here.

Still hungry for more information on Prism?

Check out Erwin's post here, and Julian's post is here. Erwin and Julian were part of the super-talented Prism development team. Expect more videos and posts from the dev team on how to use the various super-cool features of Prism soon.

And last but by no means least, Prism's test lead Larry Brader has a post here.  Larry's going to be delivering a whole series of posts that will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about unit testing and acceptance testing in WPF and Silverlight, so be sure to check his blog often.