prism v2 – walkthrough webcasts

Last week, Bob and I have recorded a couple of webcasts. In these webcasts, we are creating an modular application that aggregates search results from Digg and Twitter.

Part 1: Modules and a shell

In the first part, we are demonstrating how to create a Shell and how to create a module for the Digg Searching. We are also creating a bootstrapper that will instantiate the Shell and locate the modules.

Part 2: Visual Composition

After the shell and modules are created, we have to make sure that the visual pieces (views) are displayed in the right place. We’re not actually implementing the views yet, but we are creating named regions in the shell and loading an empty view from the Digg Module. We are demonstrating how to use View Discovery to load a view into a region.

Part 3: Implementing views and services

In this part, we are actually implementing the Digg Search results view and Digg search service. To do this, we are using the Unity Dependency Injection container to create the views and services.

Part 4: Decoupled communication

Lastly, we are setting up communication between the searchmodule and the diggmodule. We are using EventAggregator to communicate this knowledge.

Here’s the sourcecode for these webcasts:

I hope you like these webcasts. We are thinking of doing other webcasts, like:

  • How to build a Prism V2 app using TDD.
  • How to do remote module loading.
  • How to build an outlook style app (see my previous post :)).
  • Or something else?

Let me know what kind of webcast you (yes YOU) would like to see.

Keep practicing!