Wow, talk about great service!

HealthVault is a great service to work on --- it's amazing to have such a direct connection between the work I do every day and the people I love. And while there are a ton of frustrations in this business, once in awhile things come together and you see how great it can be.

My daughter has some health issues (thanks genetics ... never stops her from kicking a**, though!) that mean she has to take some pretty nasty meds, and it's important that providers who treat her know about them. Of course she has an up-to-date HealthVault record, and with her new iPhone she has her records with her all the time. However --- in an emergency situation she may not be in a position to share herself, so we got her a really nice MedicAlert anklet. Hooks up to the HealthVault record too, so when an EMT finds the jewelry and calls the MedicAlert call center, they'll always have the most up-to-date info. Sweet!

OK, so that's all setup. Just before she left for college, the clasp on her new anklet broke and she lost it. Before we could get around to ordering a new one, we found it in our mailbox, magically repaired at no cost.


Apparently if you find a piece of MedicAlert jewelry, you can simply drop it in the mail back to MA and they'll make sure it gets back to its owner. And since the piece was broken, they fixed it up on their nickel. And even polished it up as a bonus. Just fantastic.

This is what an ecosystem is all about --- HealthVault plays a role making sure data gets where it needs to be, but it takes companies like MedicAlert that nail the REALLY HARD last mile problems --- how do you make sure that when an accident really happens, EMTs find out what they need to know. I am super-proud to be associated with companies that take their role so seriously. Thanks to everyone at MedicAlert for keeping my family safer!