Set_FDCC_LGPO: Updated for 2008 Q3

[2009-04-15: Attachment removed. Bookmark this page for the latest versions of these utilities.]  

Set_FDCC_LGPO is a utility that we originally released in December that applies the Group Policy Objects provided by NIST on their web site to the Local Group Policy on the Windows XP or Windows Vista computer you run the tool on.

NIST recently released FDCC Major Version 1.0 (Q3 2008), and so this utility has also been updated to incorporate the new GPOs.  The updated utility is provided as an attachment to this blog post.

This update also incorporates improved logging of its SecEdit.exe results.  The updated source code and project files for this release have also been posted.  (For the time being, it's still a Visual Studio 2005 project.)

See the earlier post for documentation.