Business Sunday investigates Corporate Blogging

This morning I was interviewed by Ali Moore for a story she is doing to be shown on Business Sunday about corporate blogging.

Pretty normal, huh? I've done a bunch of these kind of interviews in the past for The Bulletin and Computerworld.

What made this different from the others, was that part of the interview took place at my home, with my kids (Emma, Billy) and even my mother in law!. Billy scooped ME about the interview. We then headed to my office for the main interview.

Ali has been speaking to a number of other folks, such as Trevor and Simon, who should all feature in the story about corporate blogging and I think it will be a pretty good story.

So, let me share some of the questions I was asked:

  • How did you start blogging and when did your family get involved?
  • What makes a blog different from a normal website?
  • How does the blog you run at work differ from the one you maintain at home?
  • Is it a sales tool?
  • Do you regulate your blog content and the comments which come back?
  • Microsoft has more than 2,000 bloggers – aren’t those multiple corporate voices confusing?
  • Do you view Microsoft through rose coloured glasses on your blog?  Is it all just “rah-rah Microsoft”?
  • Why doesn’t every other business do it?
  • Are businesses afraid of showing the company “warts n all”?
  • What does “Blog Smart” mean?
  • So you practice “self-censorship”?  Where do you draw the line?
  • Can you get credibility in the blogosphere with self-censorship?
  • What about saying negative things about the company and your superiors – do you have to be careful?
  • What makes a good blog?
  • Have you seen bad blogs? 
  • What advice would you give a company like Telstra and where they are going with blogging?
  • Do you need corporate approval to start a blog at Microsoft?
  • Could it be risky?
  • How much have search engines changed the game with blogging?

How did I reply? What did I say? Did I cross the line? Best to wait until the show airs, sometime in February to find out.

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