Getting Ready For Mix

image Getting the last of my stuff sorted before heading down to Las Vegas for Mix08.

Trying to decide if I should pack my LOUD Mambo shirts or not - they haven't been out since Tech.Ed.  (they have been washed, if you are wondering)

Stuff it, I'll pack them. You never know what's going to happen.

My slide deck is sorted - consists of the name of the session and the panelists and I have just applied the official template, so I am all set.

Still working out how to run the panel. I'm sure I will get some inspiration on the flight down.

The panel details again:

imageWeb 2.0 and Beyond: What Is the Business Reality?

Wednesday, March 5 4:30 PM - 5:45 PM, Delfino 4101A

Speaker(s) : Frank Arrigo (Microsoft), Bryan Biniak (CEO Jacked), Tim Kendall (Facebook), Loic Le Meur (CEO Seesmic), Chris Saad (CEO Faraday Media)

Audience(s) : Business

Session Type: Panel

While Web 2.0 and beyond sites, built on the family of technologies that encompass it, are undeniably cool, the question remains: How can one make money off it? Join us as well known Web 2.0 firms debate the revenue model in this brave new world.

Keen to say G'day to Steve Clayton, who will coming down. Steve has come to visit a few times on campus, and I have missed him each time.  On his last visit, he left me a calling card


Also looking forward to seeing the folks from Australia - I hear that shenanigans will ensure. Let's hope not.

Finally, if you are after a cool app to schedule your Mix sessions - check out the MIX08 Schedule Management Application from Thirteen23

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