More Evangelists! Jorke Odolphi joins the team.

Last week another piece of the puzzle dropped into place. I was able to fill a role that had been open since January 2007, the Infrastructure Architect Evangelist role.

I set the bar high and really was keen to find someone that was an infrastructure guru, AND who had a background in the wild and wooly world of web hosting.

Well, I am really happy to say that we found the person for the job.

Jorke Odolphi has come aboard and is part of the growing DPE team in Brisbane. Jorke joins us from WebCentral, Australia's largest web and application hosting company. So he knows a thing or two about infrastructure, as well as building & managing large scale hosting platforms.

And Scott Barnes is excited to another comrade nearby.

So, the team looks a little like this at the moment

(DE) Developer Evangelists  4  Andrew Coates Dave Glover   Charles Sterling  
(DE) Developer Evangelists | Web  2 Michael Kordahi     Scott Barnes  
(AE) Architect Evangelists  4  (Anna Liu) | TBA Nigel Watson (Nils van Boxsel)    
(ITE) IT Pro Evangelists  2  Jeff Alexander       Michael Kleef
(ISV DE) ISV Developer Evangelists  2  Shuk Chan (David Sajfar)      
(MBS DE) MBS ISV Developer Evangelist  1   David Lemphers      
(UXE) User Experience Evangelist  1    Shane Morris      
(EE) Enthusiast Evangelist  1  Nick Hodge        
(IAE) Infrastructure Architect Evangelist  1        Jorke Odolphi  

We have one more new team member to add to the list, but he doesn't come online until July, so I will save that news for another day.

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