Twittering for 3 years

twitterbirdy I hinted about this in a recent post, today is my 3 year twitter-versary.

I first tweeted on Dec 15 2006 – and it feels so long ago.

As I write this, my scoreboard looks like this

  • 10,890 tweets
  • 4,242 Following

Now what do my tweetstats show? Any difference from when I looked back in 2008?


Hmm – not twittering these days as much as I used to …


But I’m pretty consistent during the week


and I get busy in the afternoon.

What else??

My first follower was @mspecht! and I was  @cameronreilly's first follower?

Unfortunately i cant pull back my first tweet as I get the error - “Too Many Tweets”

Yup, says it all :)

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