Catching up

I've obviously been coding in a dark cell too much of late as there are a few things I've just noticed.


  • Erik Gunvaldson is blogging.  He's got a lot of insight into DSL and Software Factory uptake in the real world of large services companies which I hope he'll share and some great news about upcoming whitepapers. Snappy blog name too.
  • Edward Bakker has been made an MVP - long overdue - many congrats Edward.  You'll find many of Edwards knowledgeable contributions on our forum.
  • The Repository Factory has been split out of the Web Service Factory.  I think this is a great move - I'm not fond of uber-factories that try to address a whole huge scenario.  I much prefer small, targetted factories in tighter domains that can be pulled together for your set of solutions.  Of course, we have to work on making the parts fit together well too.
  • CodeGear seems to be getting up a head of steam with a few new announcements.  I think it's really great to have "the former Borland" fully back in the market as a focussed dev tools vendor.  Dev tools as a place to work in just isn't the same without new Borland stuff around.
  • Steve Eadie points out that the audio for the panel that Steve Cook was on at Code generation 2007 is now online.  It's really enjoyable stuff and quite a robust discussion. SteveE also has some good, hard questions asked of my former teamies over in TeamArch/P&P :-)
  • Talking of Mr Cook, he has a great couple of posts on exploiting LINQ against DSL APIs to write constraint methods in an OCL stylee.  In Visual Studio 2008, not only can you use LINQ in your constraints, we've also enabled it in your T4 templates, which should allow a lot of expressive power in quite a concise template.


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